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New Cook Book in da Library: Izakaya, Japanese Barfood, Brandstätter Verlag

Got a new cookbook. Japanese barfood by the Mochi joint crew, located in Vienna – no, not Berlin – but actually Austria! Recipes are clear and easy, ingredients well to source and the instructions seem easy to follow. Going to prepare a Japanese-tapas-Sunday-night tomorrow, giving some of their recipes a try. Had to start with prep today by sous-viding 4 eggs and preparing a marinade made of sake, soy sauce, kombu, dashi and mirin. After 25 minutes at 65°C you had to separate the egg yolks from the white and carefully drop them into the marinade. Keep them marinated for 24 hours and then serve on top of Japanese rice and pulverised nori.

Will let you know how things worked out in the end. Feeling kind of excited already though!

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