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I was in London visiting my brother for Christmas and I have to admit that one of my London highlights is to get a freshly prepared BLT from one of those bog-standard corner delis. The baguette crispy, the crust practically has to shatter in your mouth when biting in to it. The lettuce crisp and juicy, blending in with those tomato and smokey bacon juices … Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And, that’s already all there is to know about the whys or hows the BLT-Ramen-Bowl was born.
One takes two ultimate comfort foods, combines them and receives: Comfort, by the power of comfort.
Prep is as simple as it can be!
Cook the ramen al dente in salted water. Combine all of the ingredients needed to make the sauce. Clean the lettuce and pat it dry, slice the tomatoes, fry the bacon until golden brown. Mix the cooked ramen with the sauce until evenly covered, arrange everything in bowls, drizzle with more sauce, garnish with chili flakes and you’re good to go.
If you want to fancy it up, caramelise the tomato slices in the oven with some sugar and salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Not necessary though, the clean, fresh taste of ripe tomatoes is already great!


Hack away fellow ramen hackers and: Enjoy!


UK classic meets Japanese soul food


for 2 Ramen Junkies

250g Ramen noodles

Healthy stuff:

2 excellent tomatoes (medium), 1 crunchy Iceberg salad


6 Slices thick cut applewood smoked bacon

Saucy stuff:

3 TBS mayo, 4 TBS Shoyu-Tare, 2 TBS Beef stock, 1 TBS Rice vinegar, 1 TBS Roasted sesame oil


Salt, black crushed pepper, red chilli flakes, sesame seeds


Easy Peasy, done in 15