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Ramen Shrimp Tacos

Have you followed ‚No Reservations‘ staring Anthony Bourdain? In season 8 he makes a stop to the border city Tijuana and travels south through Baja California. Now, I really have to admit that that episode made a lasting impression on me. The sceneries, landscapes, people, the nightlift, the mezcal – the food!!! Salvia was literally dripping from the corner of my mouth.
Not that I would ever claim my tacos would ever even come close to anything that was plated throughout the aired 42 minutes of succulence, but that’s also why I simply didn’t even try to imitate any of the presented dishes. Much rather, I came up with something completely different. Let me present to you a bold assemblage of Asian and Mexicans saveurs that will thrust you into a whole new hemisphere of taste.
For the prep wash and clean scallions and tomatoes. Cut the scallions into fine slices and tomatoes into small cubes. Cook the ramen al dente in plenty of salt water, drain and season with toasted sesame oil and a generous splash of fresh lime juice. Combine wasabi paste with mayonnaise and sour cream, taste with a pinch of salt. In a heavy frying pan sear the deglazed and deveined shrimp at high heat for two minutes from each side. Shortly before done frying the shrimp, add finely chopped garlic and chilli, drizzle with olive oil and lime juice.
Start to fill the taco shells with a generous tablespoon of wasabi-mayo, top with seasoned ramen noodles, continue with tomatoes and eventually garnish with scallions and fresh cilantro. For that extra punch of taste add some sour pickled ginger and chilli. Drizzle with more lime juice to personal taste and:


A bold assemblage of Asian and Mexicans saveurs


for 2 Ramen Junkies

250g Ramen noodles

Healthy stuff:

2 tomatoes, half a bunch of scallion, sour pickled ginger, 3 fresh limes, 1 red chilli, 2 cloves of garlic


250g of deveined and deglazed shrimp

Saucy stuff:

2 TBS Roasted sesame oil, a splash of olive oil, 3tbs mayonnaise, 1tbs of sour cream, half a ts of wasabi paste


Salt, red chilli flakes, sesame seeds


Not that difficult, done in 20